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Nothing to sign up for, no registering, no forms, and no email to answer. This sticky blog entry is a free automatic reciprocal link exchange service. This link exchange works by recording the referrer document from an incoming link. That means any website hosting a link to our homepage automatically gets a link back from the Free Web Hosting Reviewed homepage. (But please, no adult sites.)

A link to your website will appear below each time you send traffic to Free Web Hosting Reviewed. Just copy the following link to your website:

<a href="">Free Web Hosting Reviewed</a>


Post your free ad and start your free store

Add your webhosts and hosting offers and requests to the new Free Advertising Blog (with Adsense revenue sharing).

Free Moderated Link Exchange with Webmasters

You will find that I have listed quite a few link exchanges toward the bottom on the right-hand side of my homepage (on the sidebar) and here. And you may submit your blogs to the top blog directories listed on page 378.

Get Linked from over 16,000 + sites with one click.

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Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Traffic

You can obtain free Web Hosting with NO ads, unlimited traffic, 1000 MB Storage, MySql, and PHP when you sign up at Atspace, where you can install WordPress or Joomla on your own domain. This free hosting service also includes the capability to set up three subdomains.

Atspace has been providing free hosting for years now and is very reliable. And if you outgrow your free hosting account, you can upgrade for as little as twenty-five cents per month.

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List The Sites that Sent You Traffic

Here is how you can list the sites that recently sent surfers to your site. All you have to do is put this one line of JavaScript on your webpage (or template):

<script language="Javascript" src=""></script>

When someone clicks on a link to your site, the page that hosts that link will appear in the list. (But self-referral links from within your OWN site are usually ignored.) You can see an example of the output in the second post on the home page – click here.

Free Website Creator provides a free website creator that works in your browser — nothing to download and no ads. Plus you get free hosting for existing domains.

The website creator has a number of free features and widgets: drag & drop, Youtube Video, Rss Reader, Flickr photo widget, Skype Me, and more.

I have not tried this website creator, but it has received good reviews on top tech blogs and news sites. See

Add free forums to your site

  1. – Lightweight forum.
  2. – Free message board solution
  3. – Both paid, ad-free message boards, and free message boards.
  4. – Free web forum hosting
  5. – An interactive forum on your website in minutes.
  6. – Make your site interactive.
  7. – Free remotely hosted message boards.

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Favorite Free Web Hosts

In case you missed the listings at the bottom of my sticky post Web Hosting News (plus misc. info.), here are my favorite free web hosts. I have chosen them because they are reliable, and most of them do not put ads on your sites:     Web Office

Free Stores with reliable free hosting: CostFree Forum/Store

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The first time you buy a Groupon, I’ll receive 10 Groupon dollars good toward my future choice of Groupons.

Sponsored Tweets

I can’t say enough good things about Sponsored Tweets (click on the banner below). It is probably the easiest money I have ever made (even though it is not a lot). I mean, I love being paid a dollar a sentence (plus money from referrals’ earnings).

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Given that you are reading this blog, the chances are you would like to know how I make money online while keeping my costs and overhead low, and that’s why you really should sign up for my free Make Money Online Newsletter.

I will email the Newsletter on a weekly (or sometimes occasional) basis, outlining in detail the tips and tricks of the online affiliate marketing and advertising trade:

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