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Catch and effort data for the years 1965-1974 are used in the construction of average run timings for sockeye, odd year pinks, even year pinks, coho, chum and chinook in British Columbia catch areas. The tables containing the BC run timing data are located halfway through the 38-page Flash document and begin on page 17. The tables contain the weekly proportions of the total annual B.C. salmon run (by species) arriving in the statistical fishing areas along the British Columbia coast. (See ** NOTE below.) If, for example, the table for Area 12 says that 0.2 of the coho run arrived during week 32, then it means that on average 20% of the coho entering Area 12 arrived that week. You will find the calender of weeks on page 5. detailed instructions

Reprinted with permission from Max Ledbetter, Ph.D.
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** NOTE: Use the rotation tool below when viewing the run timing tables. You will find the dates corresponding to weeks 1 through 52 on page 5. And see the key to the statistical fishing areas, near the bottom of this webpage; the key gives you the geographical location corresponding to the numerical code for each area.
detailed instructions   key to statistical fishing areas   map of statistical fishing areas.

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Ledbetter, Max and Ray Hilborn. 1981. A numerical overview of salmon run timings in British Columbia catch areas. Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit (University of British Columbia), Report Number 1.

Fisheries managment: British Columbia run timing data from catch statistics for sockeye, pink, coho, chum, and chinook salmon.

** NOTE: In addition to the British Columbia statistical fishing areas shown below, you can ZOOM IN on the fishing map on page 3 (above) or look at a better map on http://www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fm-gp/maps-cartes/areas-secteurs/index-eng.html.

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BC Salmon Run Timings